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Tokyo Film Camera Style

Tokyo Film Camera Style vol.21

John Sypal

This month’s TCS on PCT entry has a little more variety than usual. What’s more, with the heat I’ve been spending less time out and about- that decreases my chances of running into other film photographers. (Although, I reckon most everyone is going out as little as possible this summer.)


最近は暑さであまりでかけていませんでした。でかけないとフィルムカメラと出会えないとはわかってはいるのですが、今年の夏はこの暑さのせいでフィルムユーザーが少ないんじゃないかと思っていました。しかし「犬も歩けば棒にあたる」のように「私が歩けばカメラにあたる」という運命を感じましたね。今回のTokyo Film Camera Styleは、なぜかいつもよりカメラのバラエティに富んでいます。


First up- two cameras spotted within the same thirty-seconds at Shibuya Crossing one afternoon:





YASHICA Mat-124G(Shibuya)


This is a Yashicamat 124 G. Nice to see one of these on the streets. I spotted it in the hands of a young Chinese woman taking portraits of her friend. If you look close, you can see that she had a Canon EOS-1 in her bag, too.


ひとつ目は、日本製二眼レフのYASHICA Mat-124Gです。このカメラは若い中国人女性のモノです。彼女は交差点で友達のポートレートを撮っていました。


While we were chatting, I glanced over and saw…




Nikon FE + NIKKOR 50mm F1.4 D(Shibuya)


… this Nikon FE.  It belongs to a Spanish man living in Japan. He was already familiar with TCS- nice to meet fans of the site in real life like this.





FUJIFILM GW690 Professional + Voigtlander VC-Meter(Shinjuku)


At Place M I met a young Chinese photographer with a Fujica GW690. The external light meter is the first generation Voigtlander one. The dials on the top make it quite easy to use.


次の日、新宿にあるPlace Mというギャラリーで、中国人の若手写真家の富士フイルムGW690 Professionalを見つけました。露出計はフォクトレンダー、なかなか使いやすいものです。



So, this entry has had a 6x6 TLR, a 35mm SLR, and a 6x9 Rangefinder- Let’s wrap it up with a classic 35mm compact camera:





Nikon 35Ti (Shinjuku)


This one belongs to yet another young Chinese photographer in Tokyo.  It’s a Nikon 35Ti- a premium compact of a bygone era.  Every time I see one I take a look at that instrument panel-  the fact that it even exists is something I have trouble believing. Imagine all the R&D and effort needed to create it! The bubble economy certainly allowed for a fascinating age of camera design… 





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