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Tokyo Film Camera Style

Tokyo Film Camera Style [Extra edition]

John Sypal


Leica M-A & Summicron-M 35mm F2 ASPH.


今回のTokyo Film Camera Styleは意識せずにレンジファインダーカメラ特集になりました。一眼レフが王様だった1990年代後半頃を思うと、まさかレンジファインダーカメラがまたこのように人気になるとは誰も想像しなかったのではないでしょうか。まだ「生産中」のライカM-Aと35mm F2 ズミクロン ASPH. です。一生の写真機!

This week's TCS on PCT entry is all rangefinders-  I doubt that anyone in the late 90s or early 2000s would have believed that rangefinders would one day make the comeback that they have. This is a new Leica M-A with a new 35mm f2 Summicron ASPH lens. A camera for life, no doubt.  And a camera for river otter t-shirts, too.




Hasselblad XPan & 45mm F4


パノラマカメラのハッセルブラッドXPanです!しかもシールでデコレートされています。ヴィジュアルがいいカメラ。「ヴィジュアル」とえば、「Xpan」の中に「ジャ」を入れたら、「X Japan」になりますね。なんて、何言ってんだ、私は…(笑)

A Hasselblad XPan- one decorated with some stickers and with a new (used) lens hood which the owner told me he was able to source from Hong Kong. One of the mysteries of the current camera/lens climate is just how high prices for rare lens hoods have skyrocketed. Thankfully he was able to get a good deal on this one.




Leica M3 Black Paint


これは銀座にあるライカ店のスタッフさんが普段使われているカメラです。オリジナルのブラックペイントLeica M3、やっぱりかっこいいですね。銀色レンズと黒いライカMボディの渋さがたまらないです。

During a recent visit to the Leica store in Ginza I asked a staff member there if he had a camera with him that day- he said yes, and returned from the back office with his daily shooter in hand- this original black paint Leica M3. It's a late model- apparently one of the later ones made as the M4 was being put into production. I'm a fan of chrome lenses on black Leica Ms... A gorgeous setup no matter how you look at it (or put on it).




Nikon SP & Nikkor-N 5cm F1.1

Zeiss Ikon RF & Fujijon 5cm F1.2



This week's last two cameras were seen on a recent visit to my friendly neighborhood camera shop:


まずは、日暮里にある三葉堂寫眞機店で見せてもらったすごいカメラです。2台とも Not For Sale(非売品)のカメラ!上はニコンSPとニッコール-N 5cm F1.1、下はツァイスイコンRFとフジノン5cm F1.2。真っ暗な部屋でもばっちり撮れそうな明るいレンズです。


ちなみに日本語ではレンズが「明るい」か「暗い」と言いますが、英語はすこし違います。きっとシャッタースピードの関係によるものだと思いますが、英語で明るいレンズは「fast」、暗いレンズは 「slow」と言います。速い、遅い。この吸い込まれそうなレンズは両方ともスーパー「速い」ですね、いつか撮ってみたいね。

Amazing, right? First off, they are not for sale. 

The shop is Mitsubado Camera, located near Nippori station in Tokyo. I visit regularly and like to ask if they've got anything special in- they always do, and these two are special, indeed.

The top setup is a Nikon SP with a Nikkor-N 5cm f1.1 lens. (without its comically enormous lens hood)

The bottom one is a newer Zeiss Ikon RF with a very rare Fujinon 5cm f1.2 lens, mounted via an adapter.

In English we would call these "fast" lenses- but in Japanese the terms used are slightly different. What we'd call "fast" is in Japanese, "bright". Therefore a "slow" lens in English then would be referred to as "dark" in Japanese. 

And now you know!


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