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Tokyo Film Camera Style

Tokyo Film Camera Style vol.12

John Sypal


Konica Genba Kantoku




Usually, the stuff I share in this Film Camera Style column is gear I've randomly encountered on the streets of Tokyo. This time though, I'm happy to share with you some of the cameras people who came to a recent photo show of mine had. Enjoy!

A Konica Gemba Kantoku- and the fairly rare green version, no less.  These are amazing point and shoots- light yet super durable, with a bright finder and near-silent shutter sound.  Shoot. Now I kinda want one now too... 




Olympus OM-4Ti & Zuiko 35mm F2


この使い込んでいるオリンパスOM-4Ti & Zuiko 35mm F2レンズは写真家・溝口良夫さんのカメラです。


This beat and battered Olympus OM-4Ti with a Zuiko 35mm f2 lens belongs to photographer Yoshio Mizouchi.  Mr. Mizoguchu's book, "Tokyo On the Brink of Sanity" is pretty wild.  Even though his camera is (literally) missing a few screws and is even... rusting(?) in some spots he still uses it all the time.  I don't know if cameras have feelings or not, but if so, I bet this OM-4 is pretty happy.




MiNT InstantKon RF70


富士フイルムGF670ではありません。これは2019年から香港のメーカーが作っているインスタントカメラ MiNT InstantKon RF70です。使用フィルムはInstax Wideです。シャッタースピード、レンズ絞り、フラッシュなど、機能がたくさんあります。インスタントフィルム愛用者なら、ぜひ調べてみてください。

This might at first look like an odd Fujifilm GF670 but it's actually MiNT InstantKon RF70 manufactured by a company in Hong Kong since 2019.  I'm impressed what it can do, and how it lets you do it. Auto or manual control- and on that big Instax Wide film, too.  If you're into instant film it's one to look into.




Olympus XA

Olympus O-Product



A rare combo- an Olympus XA with a rare Olympus O Product. Even though the O Product came out in 1988 it still looks quite fresh. Prices on them haven't dropped, either. 




Leicaflex & Summilux-R 50mm F1.4





A brawny Leicaflex!  I'm actually not too well versed in camera/industrial design criticism but this always felt like such a German kind of camera to me. There's a lightness in the lines and surfaces of many a Japanese SLR of the period that's quite different.  This isn't a complaint- I love the asymmetrical "face" of this camera on its pentaprism-  Its heft also feels good.  Here we go again. Now I kinda want one of these, too...


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