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Tokyo Film Camera Style vol.18

John Sypal

I've been spending a lot of time in the Yanesen area lately- with daily walks through Yanaka Ginza in the evening.  The famed staircase there is called "Yuyake DanDan" (Sunset Stairs) and, on a clear day as the sun sets you'll find a small crowd of photographers on top, their cameras pointed west.  




Leica MP + Carl Zeiss Biogon T* 28mm F2.8 ZM

Standing there admiring the sunset last week, I looked to my left to see a man with this Leica MP with a Biogon 28mm lens around his neck. Now, I happened to have my own chrome MP around my neck too-  and so I stepped over to say hi.  A visitor from Singapore, he was already familiar with TCS- and kindly let me take some shots of his setup.  

先週の月曜日に行ったら、このライカMPを持っているシンガポール人と出会いました。彼はすでに私の「東京カメラスタイル」をフォローしてくださっていたので、快くカメラを撮らせてくれました。レンズはカールツァイス ビオゴンT* 28mm F2.8 ZMです。



Leica M3 + Elmarit-M 28mm F2.8 Asph. + Kamerakraft

After taking a few camera style snaps I looked to my right to see another man with a chrome M3- one with a 28mm lens and a Kameracraft grip. He too, knew of TCS- another impromptu camera style session: 

ライカMPをカメラ・スタイルしていたら、おや? すぐそばにライカM3を持っている男性がいました。このM3を持つ方はインドネシア人だそうです。レンズはエルマリートの28mm。グリップがイイ感じでしょう? このグリップはフランスのKamerakraft社のものです。


And, for good measure, a snap of our serendipitous chrome M meeting:


1, 2, and John Sypal's Leica MP+ Elmar-M 50mm F2.8


Two days later, I was again at Yuyake Dan Dan in the early evening-  and once again, spotted another chrome M:




Leica M3 + DR Summicron 50mm F2 + OZTNO


This one, an M3, had a 50mm Summicron DR lens and an original OZTNO shutter release accessory. 

これはライカM3です。レンズはDRズミクロン 50mm F2。シャッターリリースーアクセサリーはビンテージのOZTNOです。かっこいい。


Something about Yanaka and Leicas-  a classic film camera is a good partner for a walk around this neighborhood.

You know what's even better to have in Yanaka than a camera?


A camera and a Shiba-ken, of course.  



Nikon F2 + Nikkor 50mm F1.8 with Sakura-chan


This one, Sakura-chan, had a Nikon F2.  Well, I mean, her owner did. Nice match! 
We ran into each other at Nezu Shrine on a fine Sunday afternoon.  
I don't have a dog- but I can imagine being tempted to name one Nikon or Leica or something.  I wonder how many dogs in the world have been named after camera manufactures?   
Come to think of it, a Shiba named Konica or Olympus or Nikon would be pretty cute. 

Maybe "Leica", for a German Shepard? 

Minox would be a good name for a Chihuahua. . . 







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