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Tokyo Film Camera Style

Tokyo Film Camera Style [Pentax 67]

John Sypal

So- I’ve been spending the past few weekends at home catching up on my 120 film development. I’ve got a backlog of about 100 rolls of exposed film from the past year, and at 24 rolls a day, it’s taking some time.  


With all this film to take care of, it means time I usually spend out and about with a camera is instead spent standing in the kitchen agitating steel tanks full of film and chemicals. (This isn’t a complaint- I actually quite like developing film.)


Anyway, with all of this 120 film in my life, I thought I’d share some archival Tokyo Camera Style content of my favorite 120 film-fed camera, the Pentax 67 (and earlier Pentax 6x7).




普段週末はギャラリーを巡りながら「カメラスタイル」を撮っているのですが、毎週末ブローニーフィルムの現像ばかりしているので、今週のTokyo Film Camera Styleは中判カメラ「ペンタックス67」のアーカイブを振り返ることにします。


My Pentax67


Now, a camera that weighs over 2kg (5lbs) with a lens might not seem like the kind of thing someone would use as a walkabout camera, but I’ve encountered many all in Tokyo over the years.  Here are a few.


レンズを装着すると2キロを超えるカメラは「お散歩カメラ」として使うようなものではない、と思うかもしれませんが、私は東京でよく「バケペン」ユーザーと偶然出会ってきました。 ここではそのいくつかを紹介します。




It’s a fun camera to have on you- first off, it has an undeniable presence. Especially with the cherry-wood grip.

 In fact, I’ve found that its size and the fact that it looks so over-the-top different compared to today’s digital cameras and smartphones works to the photographer’s advantage on the streets. People regard it more with curiosity than suspicion. 



Likewise, a Pentax 67 over your shoulder is a great conversation starter. Especially with older men. Getting approached for a compliment or chat about the camera is, in my experience, fairly common.




Looking through my archives, the most popular lenses I see on a Pentax 67 is the stamdard 105mm f2.4 or the slightly wider 90mm f2.8.  They’re great, classic lenses.  And, for this system, fairly compact.

アーカイブを振り返ると、一番人気のレンズは標準105mm F2.4と90mm F2.8でした。コンパクトでいいね。



On TCS you’ll see that people with a medium format camera will often pair it with a 35mm setup.  This picture, from 2014, has a Pentax 67 paired with its 35mm equivalent, a Pentax LX.




In 2018 I saw a similar combo- a Pentax 67 and the Auto 110 Super. 

Here both ends of the Pentax SLR spectrum are represented.




The Pentax 67 is a camera I’m always excited to encounter.  Sure, they look cool but it’s also nice to meet likeminded people whose idea of a good time is to head out into the world with two and a half kilograms of glass and metal around their neck.  





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