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Tokyo Film Camera Style

Tokyo Film Camera Style vol.26

John Sypal

January 2024!  I spent several days during New Year’s photographing in and around Asakusa. It was as crowded as ever but I didn’t see many film cameras, and the few that I did spot belonged to people that, amidst the river of people, I wasn’t able to approach. 

Touristy places like Asakusa are where “normal” people take pictures- and smartphones are indeed the norm.  Less normal however is the Shinjuku photo gallery circuit.  On a recent evening I spotted the following cameras within an hour. 


2024年ですね! 私は正月の数日間、浅草とその周辺で写真を撮っていました。浅草は相変わらず混雑していましたが、期待したほどフィルムカメラをあまり見つけられませんでした。やっぱり観光客はスマホで撮る人が多いですね。しかし先日の夕方、新宿のフォトギャラリーコースを散策していると、1時間以内にこれから紹介するカメラと出会いました。



Nikon FE2 + Zoom NIKKOR 35-70mm F3.5-4.5 + Speed Light SB-28


Literally the moment I exited Akebonobashi station exit A1 I nearly walked into a young man with a mint condition Nikon FE2 around his neck. It also had a large Nikon SB-28 Speedlight flash. He was with a crowd of young people- and, since he had already heard of Tokyo Camera Style, kindly let me get a few snaps of his camera. 


Another young man in his group (they told me they were university art school students) said he had a film camera, too. From his coat pocket he pulled out this silver Ricoh GR1s.


その日、まず都営新宿線 曙橋駅A1出口を出た瞬間、私はニコンFE2を首から下げた青年に出会いました。綺麗な状態のニコンには、目立つSB-28スピードライトのストロボがついていました。カメラの持ち主である彼は若者6人組と一緒にいたのですが「東京カメラスタイル」のことをすでに知ってくれていたようで、快くカメラの写真を撮らせてくれました。





Ricoh GR1s


Speaking of compact 35mm cameras, a few minutes later was at Totem Pole Photo Gallery, and a visitor there had this Olympus:






Olympus [mju:] ZOOM PANORAMA

It is an Olympus Mju Zoom from 1993. Looks pretty sharp for being a 30 year-old camera!

これはオリンパス「μ(ミュー) ZOOM PANORAMA」です。30年ほど前に発売されたものですが、これは状態がなかなかいいですね。


There was another Olympus in the gallery that moment, too:




Olympus OM-1 + G.Zuiko Auto-S 50mm F1.4

This OM-1 belongs to a young Chinese photo student who recently arrived in Tokyo.  At some point someone replaced the stock leather covering with this tan suede one.  He let me check it out. I hadn’t held an OM SLR in a while- they’re marvelous little wonders of optical technology. Great lenses, too!  


このオリンパスOM-1は、最近東京に来た若い中国の写真学生のものです。 誰かがカメラボディの純正のレザーをスエードに交換したそうです。 オリンパスの一眼レフを手にするのは随分久しぶりでしたが、光学技術の小さな不思議に驚かされました!レンズも素晴らしい!



Hasselblad SWC + M Carl Zeiss Biogon T* 38mm F4.5 + Panasonic PE-28S

The last camera of the evening was this Hasselblad SWC setup. Its owner mounted a Panasonic flash to the bottom. This makes it difficult to set down- but a camera this good you’ll probably want around your neck, anyway. 




I hope to be able to share many more interesting cameras over the coming year. (Wouldn’t it be great for Pentax to release that new film camera they’re working on?)


Hope to run into you in the streets sometime. Bring a camera!




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