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3 Motohiko Hasui “for tomorrow” 蓮井元彦『for tomorrow』

John Sypal

Regardless of technological advancements in camera and photo-sharing technology, the simplicity of dealing with the world with a compact, fixed-lens camera and black and white film remains a fine way to plot out one’s life in pictures. Obviously, this approach has long been a staple of photography, and Japan enjoys a rich cultural library of books made in this personal way, for personal reasons.  Motohiko Hasui’s “for tomorrow” (Libro Arte, 2020) is a worthy addition to this history. 


Hasui is a successful and talented young photographer, who, despite being quite busy with fashion and editorial jobs, regularly exhibits new personal work several times a year. Many of these shows have a new self-published book to go with them. There’s a lot I admire about Hasui- his drive, his vision, his skill in putting things together- but I also truly admire his respect for the beauty and mystery of straightly-seen photographs. 

For tomorrow  is a beautiful book of his subtle, quiet pictures from daily life. Hasui says are not the sort one sets out to take, but rather, are the kind which come from recognizing when moments unfolding before him align with the filter of his feelings. Such an approach can make for the purest sorts of pictures- but it is not without its difficulties. 


"Does this filter of feelings really exist? Does it become visible in photographs? Or is it just my imagination? In the end, finding answers for such self-doubt becomes yet more motivation to continue photographing."

From his statement on the work:


This isn’t to say that the job of a photographer is to transmit exact feelings though their images. Such a task is impossible.  But it’s this potential to offer others a chance to consider feelings that is important. Hasui’s photographs have what at first seems a sort of cool detachment about them. But it is this distance that gives a viewer room to really see. Giving the picture the attention that it deserves,  the photographer’s truly intelligent sensitivity gradually appears. Hasui’s pictures- like all good photographs- offer this:  The more one truly looks, the more there is to see- and, in turn, feel. 



カメラや写真共有の技術が進歩しても、小さなカメラとモノクロフィルムで世界と向き合うシンプルさは、自分の人生を写真で描くのに適しているのです。もちろん、このやり方は昔から写真術の定番であり、日本にはこのように個人的な理由で作られた本の文化的ライブラリーが豊富にあります。 蓮井元彦さんの写真集『for tomorrow』(リブロアルテ、2020年)は、そのような写真集の中でも素晴らしい一冊です。






『for tomorrow』は、彼が日常生活の中で撮った繊細で静かな写真を集めたシリーズです。この写真は創案して出かけて撮るものではなく、目の前に広がる瞬間が気持ちの「フィルター」と合致した時に生まれるものです。



引用:写真集『for tomorrow』あとがきより


もちろん、写真に込められた思いを完璧に伝えることはできません。 でも、他者に対して気持ちを考えるきっかけを与えることができるのです。蓮井さんの写真には、一見冷静沈着なところがあります。しかし、その距離感こそが、見る人に本当の意味で見る余地を与えてくれるのです。写真に目を向けることで、写真家の真に知的な感性が徐々に現れてくるのです。蓮井さんの写真には、これまでのいい写真と同じように、 本当に見れば見るほど、感じ得るものがあると思います。


Motohiko Hasui “for tomorrow” 

Hardcover, 80 pages.

Published in 2020 by Libro Arte 

蓮井元彦『for tomorrow』

出版=Libro Arte(2020年)


『for tomorrow』Libro Arte|STORE


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