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4 雑誌『写真』Sha Shin Magazine vol.1

John Sypal

Japan’s culture of photography was shaped by legendary publications on cameras and photography- these magazines not only launched the careers of those we consider The Greats, but also, with pages upon pages of monthly contests, provided a place for amateurs to share their pictures with a wider audience. By wider, I mostly mean, “more people than whomever you can physically hand a photo album to.”  Obviously, social media has exponentially increased the potential to show or simply see photographs. I’m not here to argue that this is good or bad (it’s both!) but, despite increased accessibility of content served up by apps prioritizing quantity and “vibes”, the recent losses of Asahi Camera (1926-2020), and Nippon Camera (1950-2021) did more than simply leave B5-sized holes on ever-shrinking newsstands in Japan. 


Enjoying a magazine is an experience- sure, there are the words and pictures on the pages- but there’s (I’ll use Nippon Camera as an example), a greater “Nippon Camera '' in the shelves of your (my) mind. Hours flipping through old issues while a student in Japan are memories and experiences which added to my understanding of photographic culture in a way double-tapping a heart on an Instagram post can’t. Magazines, when created by a group of dedicated, often overworked yet passionate people-  are things which come to have their own personality. If “corporations are people”, magazines are much, much more so. Not just “people”, but friends. In fact, both times, when hearing that Asahi & Nippon Camera were to end, it really did feel like hearing that an old friend was moving away, forever.  After that, pausing before the photography shelf in a bookstore’s magazine section felt like passing a friend’s old apartment. The building is still there- but they don’t live there anymore. 



Moriyama Daido, Kitajima Keizo


However, in 2022, a new friend has moved in.  (ok, I’ll stop with the corny sentimentalism.)


Sha Shin Magazine (@shashinmagazine) is a photographic treasure. Created by a dedicated team of individuals from Nippon Camera, it is a direct successor to the spirit of the legendary culture built by Japan’s magazines of the past. Seriously, it's hard not to be excited about the release of a new photography magazine-  and the fact that this one is of such high quality- and quantity (250+ pages!) is even better. Its A5 size is compact and comfortable in the hand, but doesn’t sacrifice on image quality. As expected for a Japanese publication, the images are reproduced with attention (and a budget) for both technical detail and aesthetics. The variety of paper stock used here is, quite honestly, exquisite. As an object the entire magazine is a work of art. 


[ESSAY] "TOKYO -Towards a New Lost Center: Images of Tokyo in Contemporary Japanese Photography"

by Uchibayashi Shun


A bi-annual publication, this inaugural issue focuses on Tokyo as a subject for generations of photographers. Naturally, the articles are in Japanese- but thanks to the two-dozen smartly translated pages in English, non-Japanese speakers who want to gain insight into the contemporary world of Japanese photography will still find the magazine well worth their time and money. (Art schools across the world should include this in their libraries!)


In particular, Shun Uchibayashi’s essay on the city and photography provides plenty of cultural context and illuminating observations on not just Tokyo, but the desire to publish a photography magazine in 2022.  Such a sentiment is shared on the final page by editor Masakazu Murakami:


From the editor's statement:

  1. "We want to create a magazine that will remain in people's memories, something physical that speaks to all senses; a magazine that draws out photography's maximum potential with deep, enriching articles and fascinating images. Yes, sales of books and magazines may be in decline, but does printed matter not remain the best way to view photographs? Is the magazine not still the ideal platform to connect photographers, thinkers, and readers, and to create an archive of the present for future generations?"
  2. Masakazu Murakami


A must-have for anyone interested in contemporary Japanese photography, Sha Shin Magazine is published by the dynamic mother-daughter duo of @fugensha and is available for purchase in book & camera shops all around Tokyo- or online at 




もともと世界中で最も写真雑誌を大事にしている日本の、伝説のカメラ雑誌がなくなっていく…これからどうなるでしょうか?…と悩んだ私でしたが、新しいおトモダチが2022年「ふげん社」から、できました。それは雑誌『写真|Sha Shin Magazine』です。




英語の記事は雑誌『写真|Sha Shin Magazine』の内容などの紹介です。現在、日本の写真文化が海外で尊敬されていて、たくさんの人々が日本写真に興味を持っているそうです。「Sha Shin Magazineは英訳が入ってますよ!」ということを発信しています。また内容の面白さに加えて、やっぱり、日本の印刷力の凄さをもっともっと世界中の人たちに経験して欲しいです。印刷物なら、ジャパンが世界一なのは間違いないです。




  1. 写真そのものが持つポテンシャルを最大限追求するとともに、見るものを魅了するイメージと濃密な記事内容で、いつまでも人々の記憶に残るような誌面、五感にうったえかける物質としての印刷物を作りたい。書籍・雑誌の売り上げが低迷するいま、それでも写真を見るベーシックなかたち、写真家や関係者が集えるプラットフォーム、後世に伝えていくアーカイブの姿や、紙の本に宿る本質と言えるでしょう。



みなさん、ぜひ雑誌『写真|Sha Shin Magazine』を手に取って見てみてください。



  1.  雑誌『写真|Sha Shin Magazine』
     vol.1 東京 TOKYO

  2.  創刊:2022年(令和4年)1月20日
  3.  発行:ふげん社
  4.  ISBN:978-4-908955-13-6
  1.   発行人 渡辺 薫 
      編集人 村上仁一
      編集  圓谷真唯
  2.   エディトリアルディレクター 打林 俊
      統括アドバイザー 飯沢耕太郎
      造本設計 町口 覚
      デザイン 浅田 農
  3.   発行  ふげん社
  4.   印刷  渡辺美術印刷株式会社
  5.   制作  合同会社 PCT







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